100 days Count down Ceremony

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Thank God, they did not show the Cricket World Cup 2011 100-day countdown ceremony held in Dhaka, Bangladesh globally. Otherwise, the cricket fans from all over the world would flat out refuse to come to Bangladesh to watch the 2011 World Cup first.They would believe that Bangladeshis are hardly courteous to their guests, confuse English with apple that has to be chewed before spoken, and would think Bangladeshis do not know how to keep time and even worse, do not know how to dress for the occasion.

It seemed the Local Organising Committee (LOC) couldn’t even keep adigital clock running. It broke down on a number of occasions and did not display the timing clearly when it was first unveiled. Some of the others that are on display in and around Dhaka have stopped working at times as well.

During the event, several former national captains were seen standing near the stage on the South Plaza of the National Parliamentary building, simply because friends and family members of powerful people (read politicians) occupied the few available seats. Even alarmingly,people managed to break through the perimeter to enter the VIP areanear the stage. Police deployed at the event were also shocked to see the level of mismanagement.

Then came the bombshell: the current national captain’s choice of attire was also diabolical to say the least. He wore a yellow T-shirt, jeans and sneakers when the former India captain Saurav Ganguly donned a suit. Clearly, our boy needs someone to tell him to wear the appropriate stuff. A newspaper editor slammed him live on TV for his clothes (a rare event in Bangladesh), repeatedly harping on a dress code or, whether the man in question has any dress sense at all.

Add to that, the lady selected to be the MC seemed totally out of her depth.

The presenter, a former newscaster, played the part of “the aunty who proudly boasts of her poor knowledge in cricket”. She asked the wrong questions, announced wrong names, used weird accents and gave the air of someone who was called up at the last minute.

Strange won’t be the best word but incompetence is the right one. The cricket fraternity is worried that the opening ceremony may turn in to a laughing stock if LOC were let to run the show in this manner.

[Oh by the way, if you want to put yourselves through this travesty of a ceremony, click here]