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People go through their entire lives without doing one simple good deed that benefits someone they didn’t know already. Nishant Joshi at The Alternative Cricket Almanack is already one up on those folks.

Single handedly, Nishant has managed to get together a wide range of cricket writers, bloggers and fans to pen articles for his brainchild, “The Alternative Cricket Almanack” book, the profits from the sales of which will go towards the Afghan Youth Cricket Support Organization.

Now, isn’t that a worthy enough cause for you to support?  As mentioned in the site,

Cricket is as potent a sport as any in terms of bringing people together, and Afghanistan is in need of an ambassador who can be a spearhead in this context.

There is ample talent out there, just waiting to be discovered and nurtured – with your help, we can achieve something incredible.

If we are able to discover a diamond in the rough, a Murali, a Tendulkar, maybe even the next Dilhara Fernando…it will make a huge difference – any success for Afghan cricket has the potential to inspire Afghanistan as a nation.

So, during this holiday season, go to and buy the book. If you are like most cricket fans – broke, the least you could do is, spread the word. Go to the Facebook page of Alternative Cricket Almanack and “Like” it. Visit the website and share the posts on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends and enemies, and your family know about the book.

You can follow the Alternative Almanack on Twitter @AltAlmanack

There are excerpts from the book’s articles on the website. Read it. Like it. Let one more person know about it.

P.S. And yes, the founders of Clear Cricket, Subash and Josh, have written articles for the book and also have helped out with the editing. So has clear cricket contributor, Lizzy Ammon.

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