Clear Cricket is about keeping off the beaten track. We’re about putting forward honest, non-regulated and at times brutally critical opinions, delivered straight from full time cricket lovers. Frustrated with the watered down, predictable content written by journalists and ex players, Clear Cricket sets out to find the true voice of the cricket fan.

Drawing on some of the best non-profit writers in the blogosphere, our aim is to provide a dynamic, stimulating environment that challenges the ‘status quo’ in terms of views in the world of cricket. There are many outlets that provide discussions about who could be the next Flintoff, and how the current West Indies team is not as good as the past ones, but that is not us. We cut to the heart of matters and offer that something a little different.

Interested in becoming a contributor? We have 20 writers from 10 different nations and we’re always on the look-out for quality writers who enjoy writing about the game they love. We like to maintain high standards of writing but please feel free to contact us at clearcricket@gmail.com and we can have a look! You can also follow us on Twitter here and on Facebook.

Subash Jayaraman and Josh Taylor

Founders, Clear Cricket

November 2010.

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