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Dale Steyn – The Best in My Lifetime

January 20, 2011


Wholeheartedly agreeing with Dileep Premachandran’s article, I recently tweeted that I think Dale Steyn is the best fast bowler that I have seen since I started sentiently watching cricket (1990-present). The best???, some asked. Yes, THE best, I said. Better than Allan Donald, Curtly Ambrose, Glenn McGrath, and Wasim Akram who are the other contenders […]

The Five Test Series Dream: A Practical Look

January 6, 2011


Image via Wikipedia I write this hours after the third test between India and South Africa ended in an anti-climactic draw, and the series was shared 1-1. It got me and some of my friends asking a what-if question that seemingly gets asked after almost every series – what if this had been a five […]

A Day of Cricket to Regale Grandkids With

January 4, 2011


Decades from now, when I am an insufferable old codger, I’ll occasionally grab my grandkids by the elbow (like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld) and ramble on about test cricket. Today’s 3rd day of play of the Capetown test between India and South Africa is bound to come up most of those times. For today was […]

Sehwag and the Situation Criticism

December 31, 2010


[Editor’s note: This post by Gaurav started as a response to the guest column by Straight Point , “Sehwag – natural play vs team cause” but quickly got long enough to be a post on its own.] The problem with much of analysis about whether Sehwag’s approach was in keeping with the situation or not, […]

The Lara Crunch Innings Urban Legend

December 6, 2010


The thousands of man hours spent debating which one is “greater” – Lara or Tendulkar, far outnumber the thousands of runs both those men have scored. And the debates continue. As they would for a qualifier as subjective as “greater”. Both men are inarguably legends, demigods not only in their own countries but throughout the […]

Rahul Dravid and Calls for Retirement

November 23, 2010


[Note: I started writing this post about a week ago. A weekend of fun with friends meant I could only complete it today. In between, Dravid scored an almost-double-ton, perhaps rendering a bulk of my argument moot at least for the time being. Nevertheless, read on.] I am NOT a Rahul Dravid fan. Never been. […]