Kartikeya Date

Kartikeya has watched, played, read about and been generally obsessed with cricket for as long as he can remember. This includes reading every single cricket book his father owns, being totally distraught at age 7 after India had been bowled out for 75 by Sri Lanka in a One Day International, and predicting the course of the 2003 Adelaide Test almost perfectly on the 3rd evening of the match. His exact comment was “If India can get within 30 runs of Australia and dismiss Hayden, Ponting and Langer with the score under 50, then a gettable chase of 230 is very much on in the 4th innings”. India conceded a lead of 33, had Australia 44/3 and chased 230. His favorite cricketing memory, possibly for all time, is watching Anil Kumble’s epic celebration after getting Andrew Symonds LBW in the second innings at Perth in 2008. Since 2006, drawing inspiration from his flatmate, he has maintained a cricket blog at A Cricketing View, where he vents, comments, pontificates and argues incessantly about all things cricketing.

You can follow him on Twitter @cricketingview

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